We offer a complete audio workflow from conception to final mix. Smaller projects can be realised in-house. For larger projects such as orchestral scores we can coordinate recording spaces, musicians and technicians as required.

Our intimate recording space accommodates a string quartet, soloists, or a vocal ensemble of 8-12, and is suitable for scoring to picture or for standalone music. Where necessary we may offer a digital reference (mockup/demo) prior to recording live musicians.

I appreciate the fetish for brash, bing-bang-boom scores, but I also treasure those subtler moments: something heartfelt with texture and depth.

Scott Cameron

Some projects benefit from a combination of both acoustic and sampled instruments: samples may provide a wider sonic palette than otherwise feasible; and live musicians provide the expressive “glue” to make them believable.

Despite the ubiquitous rise of digital orchestras and sample-based recordings, we prefer to work with live musicians. As good as samples have become, musicians are without peer for their expressive nuance – you cannot capture the subtleties of a violin virtuoso via a synth keyboard.

Additionally, the smaller the orchestration, the more exposed digital samples become; the larger the ensemble, the more time-efficient it is to work with live musicians.