Music Composition

When it comes to theatre or film, it is not enough to write good music, the music must serve the STORY, and this is where Scott shines.

Scott is equally at home with the nuance of INTIMACY and HEARTBREAK as with the unapologetic boldness of in-your-face HILARITY. A master of genre, he creates a unique and consistent musical vocabulary for each project.

Listen to how he evokes familiar styles while infusing them with freshness and originality.

I love how we connect with music. This is perhaps why I am drawn to music for film and theatre, and to the great storytelling trinity of character, content and form. This is also what drives me as a singer: to live vicariously through each self-contained story, to relish each cathartic moment, and to rejoice in the power of song.

Scott Cameron


  • COMPOSITION of original songs, themes and scores for film, television, theatre or concert hall.
  • VOCAL ARRANGEMENTS (solo artists, BV’s, choral, a cappella etc.)
  • ORCHESTRATION for small or large ensembles.


  • Calculating a BUDGET to realise your ideal outcome.
  • Defining what RESOURCES are feasible within a specific budget.
  • Determining whether music is really necessary, and how it will FUNCTION.
  • Defining the TONE and STYLE of the music to fulfil your project or story.
  • Advising what music, if any, needs to be written or sourced PRIOR to production.


Every project starts with a brief:

This might be as simple as, “I need a 10-minute orchestral celebration to celebrate to open a new concert hall!”, or as detailed as a shot-by-shot scene and character breakdown of a film, with every music cue listed.

Whether it is an integrated collaboration (as in musical theatre where the music develops alongside the book and lyrics), or an additive collaboration (as in film where the core writing begins after the rough cut), or a solo commission, all parties should agree on the intent of the project and the purpose of the music early in the process.