Music For Stage

Selected music cues from projects for theatre and concert hall:

WINTERSONG – musical theatre

In 1890’s outback Australia, the world is changing, and suffragettes are petitioning for women’s rights. Vincent, a concert pianist whose career is cut short by a progressive disease, finds meaning in life when he helps a young music teacher pursue a career as a singer. As his obsession grows, his fiancée becomes increasingly determined that he commits to a wedding date.

Although the style of these songs in not authentically 1890’s, it reflects the lyrical ideals of the period which inspired early Broadway composers such as Jerome Kern.



Noel Coward’s play FALLEN ANGELS includes lyrics to a song, Meme Les Anges, which plays on a phonograph. This original music was composed to evoke a 1930’s style.


Scott Cameron

LAZY – harp/vocal CD project

This is the title track from the CD, LAZY, with words and music by Scott Cameron.

Lazy from the album LAZY

Harp: Frances Thiele. Vocals: Scott Cameron. Mixed by John Haeny.


Scott Cameron

LYRICAL SUITE – concert music

A suite for 55-piece symphonic band, LYRICAL SUITE takes its inspiration from some of the great melodists: Tchaikovsky, Dvorak, Rachmanninoff, among others. Its four movements reflect contrasting characters: I – MISTERIOSO; II SCHERZOSO; III – INTERMEZZO; IV – MARCH.

*Please note. Due to a very naughty audio engineer who confused the pause and record buttons, thereby recording some lovely silence between movements at the premiere (you know who you are!), these excerpts from the first rehearsal are all that exist of this performance. Hopefully what they lack in polish they make up for in character.


Scott Cameron

Lyrical Suite - III Intermezzo (rehearsal excerpt)(Scott Cameron)
Lyrical Suite - II Scherzoso (rehearsal excerpt)(Scott Cameron)

I view songwriting as a creative puzzle where the music and lyrics grow alongside each other until they fit perfectly.

Scott Cameron

SONG CYCLE – story songs

An ongoing collaboration with lyrics by writer Kathleen McLennan.


Scott Cameron lyrics: Kathleen McLennan

ART4ASHES – art installation

Part of ILLUMINATED BY FIRE, a Victorian statewide creative initiative of artists’ responses to bushfire, Art4Ashes is the result of nine people working with mosaic artist Kathryn Portelli to create unique sculptural receptacles for their loved ones’ ashes. This music is included in the score for a documentary about the process.



HEY SANTA! is a slightly saucy antidote to the purely saccharine fare typical of the Christmas season.


Scott Cameron