Scott is known for his flair for style and genre, and his capacity to tell stories with music.


My studio is based just outside of Melbourne, Australia, and I compose music for film, theatre and concert hall.

My background in writing and performance gives me an advantage over many composers in that I thoroughly understand the functional elements of drama so I can talk to film or theatre directors in their own language.

Whether broad comedy, suspense, intimate drama or documentary, I pride myself in my ability to create a sonic palette which is unique to each project. I compose detailed music which not only works in sympathy with the drama, but is also engaging in its own right.

My work has been described by directors as inventive, richly coloured and often entertaining. It features music for dramas, documentaries, comedies and musicals, with forces ranging from small ensembles to orchestras; with styles from electronic to acoustic.

I am proficient in modern scoring and recording techniques and my studio is equipped to record small ensembles and soloists. Although I am expert at creating digital sample-based recordings, I prefer to work with live musicians where possible - as good as samples have become, live musicians are without peer for their expressive nuance. Additionally, the smaller the orchestration, the more exposed digital samples become; the larger the ensemble, the more time-efficient it is to work with musicians.

The quality of my music is never dictated by budget: a budget merely defines the scale of the work. It is part of my job to help you determine what is feasible and achievable based on the resources at hand.

While I appreciate the current fetish for brash, bing-bang-boom scores, I also treasure those subtler moments: something heartfelt with texture and depth.

mini manifesto

Music fulfills many roles: pure music for its own sake; music as expression; music as support for film, ballet, theatre or advertising.

Some people turn to music to inspire them or make them dance; others want it to fill a silence. It might make us laugh, cry, jump for joy or it may define our identity or signify our social, cultural or academic status.

There are as many reasons for composing music as there are listening to it, and although I engage with a range of musical styles, I accept that I am not immune to my own biases.

I acknowledge that: